The appeal of working from home is no secret. There are a lot of benefits after all: not having to drive, being able to dress more casually, not having to cope with workplace drama or not wanting to wear shoes.

But for many, the fight against procrastination may be an uphill better. Working from home will kill your productivity if you’re not mindful, with countless distractions and comfy beds constantly calling your name to rest.

However, if done right, remote workers can to be more productive because they can focus on the essentials with little distraction at home. That is, if they have the right workspace in their house or apartment.

It’s important to have a dedicated space to ensure you really hunker down and work while working from home. And it’s vital that this space has all you need to do your job well.

If you’ve made a career from home, or are new to the idea, investing in your self-created office space is vital. So put on some pants and grab these items in order to remain productive.

Here are some nifty tools and suggestions allow you to keep your area organised, block out distractions and maintain tip-top physical shape.

1. Knodel Desk Pad

Made from sturdy PU leather material, it covers the desk from cuts, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. It also brings a sleek and friendly feel to your office, as you place it on your desktop. The smooth surface would make you love to compose, click and search. This is great for both home and school.

Water-resistant, heat-tolerant material makes this product durable and easy to clean. Just brush a moist cloth over it, if you want to clean it.

2. Relaxation Waterfall Fountain

Spruce up your home office with some at zen with this tiny but powerful waterfall calming pool. The gentle rhythm of the running water will help you keep your mind relaxed, no matter how hectic the day is.

The Illuminated Water Fountain was designed with a quiet built-in submersible pump. Just fill the basin onto the water-fill line and enjoy this fountain’s soothing effects. The pump circulates the water and keeps it clean and free from build-up of algae.

The extra-deep, open-style basin lets you fill your home with the serene sounds of cascading waters. It was built with a special lighting element that gives a subtle representation of the fresh flowing water’s natural flow. The vivid light produces a romantic ambience. Apply the existing rocks of the channel to either of the 3 tiers or the lake

3. Eyestrain Reducing Tinted Glasses

Alleviate the tension you place on your eyes with Gamma Ray’s blue light blocking glasses following extended times of staring at your phone. They feature an amber tint and are anti-glare, so after a long day, your eyes will feel less tired.

Alleviates eye exhaustion and pain under bright lighting from long hours of web surfing, gaming and working. This light sensitivity glasses also come with protection against UV400 and reducing glare.

4. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

There is no longer any excuse to hunch over the keyboard or desk for hours on end. This pose chair has a compact style, which gives you the benefits of standing position and the comfort of sitting all in one. It will keep your body straight, dividing your weight equally over your hips and knees, all while keeping your spine balanced.

The DRAGONN chair is customizable to the height that fits you. It ranges from 21 “to 28” which allows you to find the right position. Trying this ergonomic chair out, you will wonder why you didn’t get this earlier.

5. Laptop USB-C Docking Station

With a proper Laptop USB-C Docking Station, you can use a laptop as a portable workstation, hooking it up to a proper desk with a mouse, keyboard, computer, speaker. The easiest way to do that is to have a hub that connects to your laptop, which in turn connects to all of your desk components.

Equipped with the newest generation super smart chip, up to 100W USB C Hub reduces charging time with power distribution 3.0 (backward with PD2.0). This prevents overload, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, overload, voltage control, temperature safety.

6. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This Ember mug is able to intelligently detect when to turn on and off. When flat, the mug enters sleep mode, and wakes up when it feels movement or liquid.

Extended battery life on your temperature control mug can hold your drink perfectly hot on a single charge for up to 1.5 hours — or the entire day, with this newly revamped charging coaster.

7. Get Shit Done Poster

Working from home can potentially be very difficult when trying to find inspiration. Especially when you first start out before getting into a routine. The big 24″x36 “poster is a constant reminder to first take care of the company, before going to the sofa lounge to enjoy your reality TV shows.

Made of thick, durable paper. Measures 18×24 inches (46×61 cm). Matte finish, printed in Los Angeles, USA.

Work From Home Essentials

With this guide we give you ideas and inspiration to elevate your workspace. These nifty tools and home decor ideas allow you to keep your area organised, block out distractions and maintain tip-top productivity.

Hope we helped you make a purchase decision. Which of the above recommended was your favorite? We’d love to know.