Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, American Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey.. Bourbon, Rye, Corn, Wheat, Single Malt this Whiskey Infographic Whiskey Poster lists them all out.

Bye-bye flimsiness, these infographics are printed on 100lb archival stock and conveniently rolled up in a Pop Chart test tube, these are high quality prints that are made to last.

Calling these pop cultural pieces of art “posters” doesn’t do justice to the hours upon hours of research and design work that went into each one. Not to mention the high-quality 100lb archival stock they’re printed on. Even better, all Pop Chart pieces are printed at standard framing sizes, so they’re easy to pop into almost any frame.

Featuring almost anything and everything, this is encyclopedic pop culture knowledge in art form. This infographic poster brings new life to all things informative, and with a ton of style to boot. No Google search or app can display your favorite facts in a way you’d want to show off quite like this, so display it proudly!

Knowledge is power, and as it turns out, looks pretty cool in infographic poster form as a fun way to display encyclopaedic information.

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