Golfers are known to be the same as guitarist, suffering from G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) a garage full of clubs, balls and all the newest gadgets already. Thankfully the golf market is teaming with new items for finding the ideal golf birthday present!

Whether it’s a Christmas golf gift for a serious golfer or a fun family reunion or company tournament prize, it takes a bit of planning and research to even pick out a golf gift that’s really appreciated. Golfers can be picky with their gear so here are a few tips that will help you find that perfect gift.

Selecting The Golf Gift Based On Skill Level

  • For the entry level or beginner. A swing training video with some easy drills for the beginner can provide an easy way to practice in home or office privacy. A wide range of choices are available, professionally created by qualified trainers. And for putting practice, this 9 foot indoor putting green with continuous automatic ball return for developing accuracy and control is the perfect gift.

  • For the intermediate or occasional golfer. A hinged training club could be a good idea. Not only do people find this form of tool excellent for improving swings, but it is something people search for when their slice starts creeping backwards. It is intended to help golfers improve, so it probably won’t be resented as an insinuation that a swing needs to improve.
  • The most difficult to please may be the seasoned, low-handicapper golfer. Every golfer of course enjoys more quality balls and nice shirts. But if you want anything special, slip out into the garage or try gaining access to the club’s locker. List and take an inventory of every club in your pack. Then head to a pro golf shop and ask what is missing from this bag. Almost every golfer loves trying something different, whether it’s a modern high-degree wedge, a different putter style or something modern in hybrid technology.

Alternatives To Shopping Online For Golf Gifts

Their golf buddies are more familiar with the game and the person you are gifting to than anyone else, and they certainly know what tools and clubs they already have, and what they want. The easiest way to find the ideal golf birthday present might just be some helpful advice from friends.

Pro stores are are the next best alternative and they are mostly free standing stores, but they’re also most often found in golf clubs’ clubhouse. There is always golf professionals on staff at any pro shop, who is trained not only to help golfers improve their games, but also provide advice on proper equipment too. Their expert advice can help anyone find the perfect birthday gift for golfers.

Best Tip for Selecting a Great Golf Gift If All Else Fails

If you can’t find the ideal golf birthday present, then maybe the best choice will be a gift card to some of the shops and stores you’ve been to. Or better yet, the perfect golf birthday gift could just be a gift certificate for playing a round at a golf course your golfer loves to play, or has never played at!

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