The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena is a two-player game of wits & skills. Based on the fan-favourite animated series Nickelodeon, this board game is made for just two players. Each player selects either the Fire Ferrets or the Wolf Bats to win the pro-bending championship title.

As in the series, pro-bending matches is a game of push and pull aimed at being the team who either moved the farthest ahead, or pushed their opponents out of the ring entirely.

Legend of Korra: pro-bending arena is a fun, entertaining and engaging strategy game that is not as mentally taxing as chess nor is it as abstract a game that requires you to solve puzzles.

Reviews have mentioned that the overall build quality of The Legend of Korra Pro-Bending Arena’s pieces and board are top notch. The single die is etched, rather than painted or screened. The miniatures look great, with just a few seams. This does not in any way detract from their look or function and a painter with some moderate skill can easily fill in.

Each turn is filled with choices about pressing your attack, protecting your Benders, avoiding penalties and saving / using your Chi to buy the best Advanced Techniques available throughout the game. The game reflects the atmosphere of pro-bending very well and a lot more fun to play than to watch.

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