Introducing an alternative to our traditional, BPA-free mixing containers in stainless steel. It blends the consistency of Vitamix with the benefits of stainless steel cookware: it is durable, odor-resistant, non-reactive and simple to clean.

Made using Hardened Blades, it is laser-cut from hardened stainless steel, which does not rust over time and pulverizes materials for extremely smooth textures.

Unlike plastic, stainless steel from spice-heavy soups , sauces, and dips does not hold food odours.

A versatile container without limits, you can blend anything even if it is piping hot or cold. Turn hard vegetables, seeds and spices into delectable dishes.

The dishwasher-safe container is equipped with a clear BPA-free lid which allows you to monitor and adjust the power of blending without stopping the machine and a low-profile tamper to help move chunky ingredients around to get the perfect blend.

Kitchn’s Lifestyle Director, Lisa, swapped her old plastic container for the stainless steel one a few weeks ago and insists it’s made a difference in her daily smoothies: “I swear my drinks feel colder and taste better!” she says.

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