The Reon Pocket is only retailing in Japan as of now, but Sony aims to introduce the Reon Pocket to the United States sooner than later! And we’re excited about it.

Worn in a pocketed undershirt at the back of the neck, the device is controlled via Bluetooth and users can easily adjust their settings on their smartphone.

The Reon Pocket is a personal device, powered by the smartphone, built to be lightweight and cool. It operates with thermoelectric cooling and can reduce the body temperature of the user by 13 degrees celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and increase the temperature of the user by around 8 degrees Celsius (around 14 degrees F).

The Reon Pocket is about the size of a wireless mouse but it packs enough strength to keep your entire body cool on a single charge for more than two hours! It sits in a special undershirt designed for her at the base of your neck.

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