Instead of giving something expected like a wallet or a tie, for those that love cooking, give them the gift of grill with this Smoking BBQ Grill Set. They make great men’s wedding presents, presents for groomsmen, mens birthday gifts, brother in law gifts and dad’s gifts that he will actually use. Perfect gifts to guys who’ve got it all.

Choose from 3 different all natural wood chips for smoking and grilling.

Take your grill skills to the next level and learn how to infuse your favorite food by expertly adding savory smoky flavor to them. You and your family’s tastebuds would thank you.

This is great for learning how to smoke meat and fish together in one seating/pack. Simple to execute which comes with Sample Recipes & instructions.

Transform your own BBQ smoker into any barbecue or gas grill. Once you’ve perfected the smoking technique, there’s no end on what you can make. Devil eggs smoke, beef jerky, avocados and even.. cake?!

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