If you are someone who buys a lot of lettuce and veggies every week, and is someone who without fail, have a green salad on the dinner table. You will know that greens tend to wilt pretty fast and get slimy. Nonetheless, there is a super-easy way (after a lot of trial and error) to prolong the life of the greens in your fridge that doesn’t require any fancy gadget.

A simple solution, the Salad Spinner can be the secret to keeping your greens fresh. While all kinds of methods to store salad greens have been tested, avid salad eaters have found out the simplest way to keep greens fresh out of necessity. People have always been using large salad spinners to wash their lettuce, but never had a decent place to put it. Then one day, someone left the salad spinner with the clean lettuce, put the cover on and locking it in the refrigerator proved great results!

Since the greens lie in the basket of the spinner, there is about one inch of space between them and the container’s rim. That means any excess moisture on the greens that contributes to slimming, spoiling or wilting, drips away when they are being processed.

They will stay crisp, fresh, and totally wilt-free for up to 10 days in the salad spinner when you do this!

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable salad spinner, the selection from OXO always provides you with good options.

The OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner, Large provides a soft, non slip knob locks down for storage, and a non slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on countertop. Comes in an elegant, clear bowl is perfect for serving, and basket can be used separately as a colander.

Don’t just listen to use. Here are some great reviews from satisfied customers.

“This works just great! Very powerful spin which leaves your salad dry and crispy. Sticks to the worktop too – which is a good plus. (So much better than bunching up lettuce into a teatowel, going out into the garden and spinning your arm around like mad – which I’ve been doing for years! Although I do miss the exercise …)

Salad keeps fresh in it for at least two days as well, which is handy as I always make too much, and used to waste loads. Now we have salad two days running, or use it the next day in sandwiches, etc. (I think it would last longer than two days, actually, but haven’t tried.) So it’s a money-saver too!” says one review.

“This salad spinner is the best purchase for the kitchen I have ever made! I live alone and don’t have much time to prep food. I spin all my salad on Monday and keep the whole spinner in the fridge. It keeps completely fresh for a good 4-5 days! Amazing! Great for popping salad into sandwiches and dinners as well as the usual. waters spun out completely and I usual take a piece of kitchen towel to just take abit of moisture of the cucumber to make it last longer. If you have a small fridge or shelves you can’t move u may want the smaller one. This one’s great for family’s or someone like me who loves fresh salad. Don’t waste yout money on bagged salad that lasts 2 days get one of these!” quiped another satisfied user.

What about you? Have you tried using salad spinners to keep your greens fresh?