Forget boring whiskey cooling stones, with the Kollea Whiskey Glasses, the whiskey lays in the perfectly formed ice wedge, which provides a large chilling surface with a limited surface area for colder, less-diluted whiskey drink.

As compared to other wedge ice modules, the Kollea Whiskey Glass + mould allows for increased contact surface with whiskey, which is twice the effect of other ice cubes.

The exclusive patented wedge-shaped ice tray increases the contact surface with whiskey, which spheres melt much more slowly than square ice and round ice cubes, keeping your whiskey cool for so much longer

Having an ultra-slow melting wedge ice cube will preserve the original taste of whiskey, not diluting it. Preserving the taste and the strength of your favorite Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon. Other than that, they are also perfect for chilling cocktails, rum, tequila, and non-alcoholic drinks

Enjoy a new slant on whiskey drinking.

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