Although occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets for years to treat patients with sensory or autism spectrum disabilities, it was not until the launch of the iconic Gravity Blanket in 2017 that they became common solutions for coping with intermittent insomnia or everyday anxiety.

Weighted blankets are relatively unusual in terms of how they are made. They contain materials such as crystals, balls or pellets made of polyfill or glass, rather than lined with cotton or down. This weight spreads evenly across the body, creating a sense of being softly embraced.
Sleepers can feel more relaxed as a result, and even weighted blankets have been shown to alleviate discomfort. The deep touch pressure given by the blanket is intended to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and protected.
Sleep more soundly with weighted blanket‘s gentle hug, suited to your sleeping patterns and style.  A weighted blanket is the new must-have piece for sweet slumber and restful sleep in the age of maximizing your bedtime routine alongside with a perfect pillow, mattress, and bedding package.
There are however several weighted blankets on Amazon, looking at their specs, it is difficult to tell which one is the best weighted blanket. Reading through the listings, you’ll have questions such as
  • What size do I need, weighted blanket?
  • What kind of weight is recommended for weighted blanket?
  • Are they really washable by machine or do we have to hand wash. Is the thing going to fall apart?
  • Are weighted blankets hot?

There’s such a vast array of sizes and weights, it’s all a little rattling. How can a person know about buying a cover with tucked weights inside it? In this article, we will first answer the frequently asked questions before working out the specifics step by step!

What Are The Weights Used In Weighted Blankets?

When it comes to the actual weighted content in weighted blankets there are a few choices and each has its pros and cons. Stones: Certain vendors or handmade cloths place small stones within their cloth. Not only are those noisy even when you shift at night they rattle around. Would not recommend. Rice: Rice is used most widely in handmade weighted blankets and is also used for inexpensive weighted fiber. The one drawback with that — the weight does not not spread as well as sand or glass and the cover does not last as long. Sand: More commonly used by cheaper Chinese producers or products, and has greater weight distribution than rice or stones. Glass Micro Pellets: This is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and minimizes noise when moving around at night. This gives the highest weight distribution, as the pellets are small and molds to our body’s shape better than sand. The type of glass pellet used can differ. Quartz glass is the most costly and usually used in the finest quality blankets, because it is extra small.

Does Higher Price Equate Higher Quality Blankets?

While a weighted blanket is more complex than a daily comforter, a high price does not mean a better product. There are some very affordable high quality products online! You’ve just got to know what to look for. If you just want a high quality, yet affordable blanket, look for a company that specializes in making weighted blankets/bedding that will:

  • Specializes in professionally manufactured blankets
  • Uses high-quality non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials for optimal safety
  • Ensures superior craftsmanship

Such high-quality blankets are more likely to hold up during drying even during daily use.

Are Weighted Blankets Suitable for Babies?

While looking to use weighted blankets to help your child sleep better at night may seem like a good idea, there is still inadequate evidence to endorse weighted blankets in infants and young children. The guidelines of the AAP for healthy sleep include avoiding the use of any form of blanket in children, as a blanket can present a risk of strangulation and may increase the risk of SIDS.

Bear in mind that children under 2 years of age will not have the requisite motor skills to adapt to weighted blankets. As such, the infant is at risk of being overheated by using a weighted pad. Often, they will not be able to get the blanket away from their ears, which can prove to be dangerous to them. Do not even encourage your children under the age of 8 to use weighted blankets as a safety precaution. In particular, a baby weighing less than 20 pounds may never use a weighted blanket. Additionally, weighted covers are not permitted for babies and children under 2 years of age, especially if their weight is 20 pounds or less.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

The fabric used to cover the blanket is a critical factor. While flannel or fleece can feel warm to the touch, a weighted blanket made with such fabrics may trap too much heat. That’s because those fabrics aren’t natural fibers, and the cloth doesn’t flow easily — collecting moisture on the body beneath the sheet. This isn’t ideal in summer, if you’re sensitive to heat, like to sleep at a certain temperature or suffer from night sweats.

What Are The Best Fabrics For Weighted Blanket Then?

  1. Cotton is a commonly used fabric used in weighted coverings. A natural fiber, cotton is long lasting & easy to care for. It’s also smooth to the touch, which makes it a good option if you tend to avoid more tactile fabrics like fleece or velvet. Cotton is more breathable than synthetic materials.
  2. Modern plush fabrics such as flat or Minky Dot fleece are commonly manufactured from synthetic polyester. Plush fabrics are long lasting and durable. They are also touch soft & tactile.This often makes them a popular choice for children or adults with sensory responsiveness to touch and seek extra sensory input. A child with a sensory processing disorder (SPD), for example, who craves tactile stimulation.
  3. There is little point in investing in a weighted blanket if you end up throwing it off in a sweat, because you won’t get the full therapeutic benefits you ‘re looking for.So a third alternative is a weighted ‘cooling’ blanket made of a cotton specially formulated to trap wick moisture away from the body, helping to keep you cool & sweat free.Weighted cooling blankets made from a related bamboo or COOLMAX cloth can help retain a stable body temperature, helping you to sleep more peacefully without overheating.

Are they really washable by machine or do we have to hand wash. Is the thing going to fall apart?

Always check a weighted blanket purchased from a shop before throwing it into washing machine. The care tag, or instructions from the maker, should tell you that specifically. Washing your weighted blanket by hand will subject it to the least strain, other than that wash on a cold cycle. Also, always avoid fabric softeners and bleach. Weighted blanket are made to be machine washable by some manufacturers but since weighted blankets are usually too heavy for a washing machine, we recommend you to go with hand wash or use a duvet cover.

How Do You Pick a Weighted Blanket?

All in all, how do you pick a weighted blanket then? Here is our step by step guide on how you can go about making that decision.

Step 1: Weigh Yourself and Then Pick a Blanket Which Is Between 8-12% of Your Bodyweight

Weight is the main factor. A weighted blanket would be based on the size of a person and not the bed. You may choose a queen sized blanket, for example, and use it on a Twin or King size bed. The weighted blanket is safe to use as long as it correctly covers your body! We sometimes recommend adding a few pounds more than the recommended 7-12%. You will usually see a handy weight chart provided by the seller when you order your weighted blanket, which is important when selecting the right weight.

Step 2: Choose The Material of Your Weighted Blanket

For additional breathability, we always suggest making sure the inner weighted portion is made of cotton or bamboo. For the external cover, materials remain largely the same and will depend on the season or your individual body heat when you’re asleep. Make sure they have a high thread count for extra softness when buying a cotton or bamboo cover and be aware that while bamboo is more breathable than cotton it doesn’t last as long as the fabric isn’t as durable.

Step 3: Choose a Size

Often, several adults who twist & turn frequently at night consider a weighted Queen-sized blanket to be perfect size. Because other than having enough length to ‘move around’ before it feels right at night, typically a queen sized blanket is of the perfect weight. After all, gravity has an impact on a weighted blanket, and a too large blanket can mean too heavy a blanket and a morning mess on the floor. However, as much as it is a consideration, size is not the most important thing as, weight should be your number one factor.

Step 4: Enjoy Deep Sleep!

Weighted blankets are by no means a magic cure, tons of happy consumers online have said that weighted blankets offer excellent sleep treatment for both adults and young adults with insomnia, trauma, trauma, and discomfort. Hopefully weighted blankets can provide your family with some comfort!

Recommendations for Weighted Blankets to Gift?

Having run through some of the considerations when making a purchase for a weighted blanket. Here are some of our recommendations based on their giftability, functionality, material, how nice they look as a product, as well as sort of impression they’d make right out of the box

1. Baloo Weighted Blanket

As for the best weighted blanket in the traditional style out there, Baloo stands out for its careful nature amongst the rest of the group. Available in 15 or 20 pounds, though always aesthetically appealing, it gives you that calming, rooted feeling. Baloo soft weighted blanket is made for maximum comfort and safety. They are made of high quality, chemical-free breathable cotton. Their textiles and fabrics do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Weighted Baloo blankets are suitable for the washer and dryer. On the gentle cycle is what they recommend using cold water only. With whites, and dry at low heat. The blankets will dry up surprisingly fast so they don’t need a long cycle of dryers. Should not dry clean or iron for better results. It’s packed with small glass beads that stay compact in their quilted pockets and the weight never seems distributed unevenly. It’s completely quiet compared to other bead-filled blankets that are loud as their beads move inside, and the beads are hardly noticable.

2. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

“Using the blanket, I couldn’t tell you how long it takes me to fall asleep, because I’m actually sleeping instead of having nightly staring contests with my ceiling,” says one review. The company also makes one of the few weighted blankets that are meant for couples; couple-sized. However if you’re sharing your blanket with your partner, bear in mind that only half the impact of the blanket can be felt.

3. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

“It’s one of the cooler sleeping weighted blankets,” says one review. With lots of size options (from 5 to 30 pounds) and many under $100, it’s also one of the best values and one of the most bang for your buck blankets that you can purchase out there. It is made with two-layered 100% soft cotton fabric to keep you at the perfect temperature (avoid over heating during slumber).

4. Casper Weighted Blanket

According to Casper, it is a “performance outerwear” influenced quilted style, and it is made in a way that prevents the inner glass beads from jumping around. Other than that, Casper blankets has been associated with “America’s #1 Rated Mattress,” or in my opinion, the internet’s best mattress. Purchase comes with a 1-yr limited warranty on this blanket.  

Weighted Blankets Roundup

Time to get your insomnia under control – you owe it to yourself to try a weighted blanket. If your partner, friend or relative is the one who’s tossing and turning, instead, a weighted blanket can make a wonderful gift for them! Hope we helped you make a purchase decision. Which of the above blankets recommended was your favorite? We’d love to know.