If you or someone you know is a huge cocktail fan, then Plant Theatre’s Cocktail Garden Kit is perfect for personal use or as a present to a loved one.

This Cocktail Garden Grow Kit contains a curated seed collection to grow plants with an interesting variety of aroma spice to garnish your beverages. An award-winning mixologist had been commissioned to create an exciting selection of original drink recipes made within this kit.

The kit includes all you need to start! 6 biodegradable peat starter pots, 6 peat disks expanding when watered, 6 plant markers.

In terms of herbs, it comes with packages of individual Cucamelon, Blue Borage, Lime Basil, Hyssop, Lemon Balm & Mint seeds. All sealed for freshness in foil sachets!

Creating your own cocktail kit gives you clear guidance about how to sow the seeds so that they can grow to their maximum potential. Before putting in the peat pots, soak the peat disk and suck out excess vapor. Sprinkle a few seeds into each pot-enough seeds should be sufficient for multiple sowing.

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