There are three major types of baby monitor available on the market today.

The most basic form of baby monitors are just Audio Monitors. They send transmissions from baby’s room to the parent control unit, using radio frequency or wireless. They ‘re the cheapest choice and have a small range, with the majority operating indoors up to around 150 feet.

The second type of commonly used monitors are video monitors which include a nursery camera which feeds on the parent unit to an app or a screen so you can see what your baby is doing. They usually come with the function of being able to pan the room with, a feature that could increase the functionality of its use (an extra set of eyes on a mobile kid is always a good thing!).

The newest types of monitors chart movements of the infant, vitalities and more. Most make use of wearables or sensor pads to track movements and breathing of children. There are also others that send data to an app so you can keep track of the sleeping patterns and health information for your infant.

Monitors can come with a wide variety of additional features, ranging from high-definition video displays to wireless networking to tablets or other devices. Consider this your guide on what’s important to concentrate on in buying a monitor for babies or loved ones who have babies.

5 Main Considerations When Choosing A Baby Monitor

  • Choose a device with 900 MHz or greater frequency. This will reduce the potential for interference and add clarity to your videos.
  • Don’t use a monitors that work on a 2.4 GHz frequency. Those that use DECT technology use a separate 1.9 GHz frequency that can mean less background interference. Many monitors work on a 2.4 GHz frequency that’s shared with other devices in your homeā€”and your neighbors’ (cordless phones, for example).
  • Look for a model that lights up when sound is picked up. This way even when you’re vacuuming, talking on the phone or listening to music you can still check on your child.
  • Consider monitors that come with video. You can tell at a glance with these models when the baby’s sleeping peacefully. Check that the picture is of good quality even in low light. Night mode is an option for most decent monitors.
  • Go wireless. This means that you increase freedom of movement with a wireless baby monitor and don’t need to confine yourself to one location. While you’re going about your daily chores around the house, you are able to keep an eye on your baby’s activities. Going wireless has an advantage and flexibility.

How a Two-way Baby Monitor Can Benefit You and Your Baby

Dual screen baby monitors feature split screens where you can view in 2 or more cameras simultaneously. And usually features wireless technology so that you can connect the camera to the monitor itself.

Monitors have recently received additional features, where parents could now speak back to their baby. This latest function has proved to be of great benefit to many parents of today. Such two-way baby monitors offer not only a means for parents to check on their infant, but also a means for parent-child bonding. Even better if a video monitor is used as your child has that additional comfort when they are able to see your face.

Even at a distance, a two-way baby monitor allows for parents to easily communicate through the app with their infant. And with young children, when they recognize their parents’ familiar voice, are given the assurance that they are being watched, and that they are in a safe place, which can help ease them if they are feeling anxious. Being able to talk back through the portable transmitter can be very beneficial for parents who have kids with separation anxiety.

Amazon Best Sellers in Two-Way Baby Monitors

Dual Screen Baby Monitors Roundup

A familiar voice might suffice to calm down a child’s tantrums or pacify their anxiety. And as parents, who are often caught in the middle of work, the availability of this technology now allows us to talk to the child without being physically next to him/her.

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