Whether you know someone who is going to drop their buns completely over this pillow or just want one for yourself (we ‘re all bread lovers here!), the Bread Pillow is too sweet a gift to pass away.

There’s a new way to comfort yourself with carbs: a bread pillow! As reported by People. You can find this baguette-shaped cuddly carbs on Amazon in a range of sizes.

Up to three different sizes of your own realistic-looking loaf is available: 12 inches, 24 inches and 32 inches. These super soft pillows range from under $5 and $11. And while this baguette plushie doesn’t really smell like freshly baked bread, if you think about it long enough, we assume it is possible. The perfect gift for bread lovers and even say it makes a perfect pillow for the body.

There’s also a seededed variety, if it’s more like your jam — even though it comes in just three sizes.

Not sold on this specific baguette pillow? As it turns out, this is a whole genre of food related pillows. This pillow has garnered so much attention that it’s currently Amazon’s number one best-selling kids’ toy pillow!

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