The Belmint Massager comes with a removable mesh insert for your foot; the mesh is made of a durable synthetic mesh fabric that is breathable to allow the foot to breathe.

The Massager is a powerful deep-kneading Shiatsu massager with Rotating nodes designed to work like a therapist, focused where the tension is on the front of your feet to relieve chronic pain, Nerve Pain, Plantar Fascitis.

Experience the joy of a heated foot massage with deep tissue kneading, rolling and heat function at the comfort of your home after a long tiring day.

Rejuvenate anywhere you go with therapeutic massages. Choose your comfortable massage mode and pressure intensity ranging between mild and intense to get a complete at-home spa foot massage experience that rejuvenates your sore muscles from all the stress and aches.

Belmint leg foot massager is aptly designed with a center console that sits between your feet with 5 setting buttons. Use your toes to comfortably control Power, Speed, Heat and Pressure intensity without having to bend down; with easily accessible settings pad.

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