Warning, this review is not just for your kids.

With water guns included in our review that can fire up to an impressive seventy-foot range and some with the capacity to take on board 100 fluid ounces of water, ready yourself up for upcoming mega water wars during the upcoming summer season!

Water guns aren’t just for kids these days so gear up and get ready for your very own adult/family friendly backyard battle. Check out our selection of the coolest poolside/backyard toys here today!


1. NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy

NERF Fortnite Blaster replica: not just for kids, it’s also a great water gun for adults due to its large size. 

It has a pump action feature and can handle up to thirty-six fluid ounces at once making it easier to play without having to stop to refill so often. Its also incredibly easy to refill, taking the guessing out of using this water gun.

The ease of use, the popularity of the game, and the large capacity make this one of the best water guns for adults. All of this makes this water gun an excellent way to beat the heat every summer season.

2. JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster

The JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster is able to shoot up to 36 Feet high, is made with durable thick plastic and is most importantly, non-toxic. Family friendly, it meets US Toy Standards.

With the JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster, you get not one but two high capacity water soakers ready to blast those opponents out of your own backyard.

They couldn’t be easier to operate with a fast and easy pump fire mechanism, design to shoot up to an impressive 36 feet. Give your friends or family and have a blast in your very own poolside/backyard!

3. Super Soaker Thunderstorm

Soak your opponents in an instant with this Motorized Thunderstorm Water Blaster. Delivering plenty of fun and value for money and has an eye-catching orange design.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is super easy to operate. There’s no need for continuous pumping; simply fill up your water clip, attach it to your blaster and you’re good to go.

4. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

This Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka holds even more water with 55 total fluid ounces and is designed to produce a massive blast of water.

When it’s time to make a spectacular splash, grab this behemoth and blast the competition with a huge surge of water.

This monster holds a monsoon of water that Super Soaker battlers can unleash in a gargantuan geyser! Go big with the Soakzooka water blaster.

5. Stream Machine – The Original

This stream machine shoots a massive stream of water up to 70 feet in length, helping you blast opponents that can’t even touch you.

This water gun is over 29 inches in length and comes in a wide variety of colors. Although it is a water gun that kids would have a difficult time holding, it makes for one of the best water guns for adults.

Comes in a set of 2, it is recommended for ages 8 and up!

6. Stream Machine DB-1500 Double Barrel Water Launcher

Your competitors don’t stand a chance with this quick to reload 24-inch long barrel style water launcher.

Operating the Stream Machine DB-1500 Double Barrel Water Launcher is easy. Just submerge the stream machine into a bucket of water/source of water, pull back the handle, and you are locked and loaded; ready for some water blasting action!

The Stream Machine double barrel water launcher can shoot two 3/8 inch wide streams of water at any opponent up to 70 feet away! No on stands a chance!

7. Nyicey Water Gun Water Blaster

The Nyicey Water Gun Water Blaster is a large, high quality, safe, easy to use and great for outdoor fun at the beach, pool, or bar-b-que.

Super easy to fill, simply pump pressure to shoot, fill water once and enjoy plenty of spraying!

Tested to be child-safe, it’s safe for sure for adults and is a great way to keep cool during the hot months all while ensuring you have a great time.

8. SUPERSOAKER Super Soaker Hydra

This Super Soaker Hydra is absolutely massive with the ability to drench targets from afar. All you need to do to release the massive amount of water is to pull the handle back. 

This monster means business with its intimidating size and a tank that holds up to 65 fluid ounces (1.9 liters). Move the handle back and forth to pour on powerful streams of water from this blue and white blaster.

Deliver a decisive deluge at the next Super Soaker Battle with the Hydra water blaster!

9. OMIGAO Super Soaker Barrage Blaster

When you bring the OMIGAO Super Soaker Barrage blaster to a water battle, you are equipped to unleash a deluge of drenching fun! Bombard your competition with a single, powerful stream of water.

Regardless of where you use this water gun, you can be sure that it’s an excellent choice and will help keep you cool.

This awesome soaker is like having water blasters at your fingertips. So, gear up, go outside, and get soaking!

10. Hasbro Super Soaker Max Infusion Overload

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s a little on the expensive side but the Hasbro Super Soaker Max Infusion Overload is perfect for serious sharpshooters.

Featuring a gigantic, detachable water supply backpack, this is one Super Soaker that lets you blast longer than your opponents.

Fill both the blaster and 100-ounce backpack using the special quick-fill cap. Then take hold of the comfort grip, slide the pump handle up and down to power up and pull the trigger to blast out soaking streams of water.

How We Chose Our Selection of Water Guns

All of our selection of water guns have been specially chosen because they offer quality construction as well as can deliver a good soaking!

We’ve also included in the list a selection of the more popular/well known brands so that you’ll of course, see and compare models from the perennially popular brands. However, as always, our recommendations includes products from a range of price points to suit all budgets.

So here are 10 best water guns for adults to beat the heat. Click here for more options and gift ideas. Which idea was your favorite? We hope you found a gift idea!

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