If the mom-to-be loves flowers, these 1-3 Pack BQUBO Newborn Floral Receiving Blankets, that include matching hats, will give her baby girl all the snuggles she’ll need.

Made from soft cotton material, the blankets feature no zipper, no velcro, and no snaps, so baby’s skin will be well protected.

Decorative do not disturb sign that reminds guests to stay quiet, keeps solicitors away, and adds charm to any house.

1-3 Pack BQUBO Newborn Floral Receiving Blankets newborn swaddle set is made from premium knit — polyester/cotton blend, soft and comfortable.

Perfect for the family that loves the beauty of flowers, it’s also great for snapping unforgettable photographs and will become a loving cherished family heirloom.

Your sweet little angel will grow up so quickly, but for now, in her nursery, she’ll be swaddled in a blanket that was made with love.

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